Safe Way Out of the Corona Lockdown and Management of Change


The Changes in Aviation

Corona has hit aviation heavily. All operators have reduced their flight programs and many even completely suspended their flight operations without knowing when the situation will improve again.

Now that a loosening of the restrictions is in sight, operators start planning the steps for their return to service. However, companies that reenter the market will look different than they did before. And the environment they return to will not be the same as it was before the crisis. The economic and legal parameters that govern our industry will have changed, cultural and social behaviour patterns will have changed, and consumers’ decision-making considerations perhaps will have changed as well.

These changes will require operators to provide their services under new conditions. Changes in flying schedules, cockpit staffing and currency, aircraft maintenance, availability of ground services and communication will have to be managed, to name only a few.



What our customers say about GCS MoC

To support us managing our radical downscaling back in 2017 we successfully implemented a first version of a new MoC tool together with GCS. Also, together with GCS we later developed and implemented a completely new Management System including a revised MoC process and related skills.

Looking back now three years later Jet Time key management staff have developed their view on the MoC requirement from being a “demand” to a “help” performing their duties. It has not been an easy ride and larger and complex changes certainly benefit from getting guidance from experienced specialists. I am happy to recommend GCS for their competences supporting larger change management processes as well as elaborate further as needed.


Jørgen Holme

CEO & Accountable Manager, Jet Time Copenhagen, April 2020

The Answer

Professional management of change (MoC) will protect your company from dangerous and expensive surprises and it will support your transformation into the post-corona era:

  • Formal MoC gets you in control of the changes and risks induced by the changes.
  • Systematic MoC makes sure that you have done everything needed and possible to navigate through the changes safely.
  • Standardised MoC eliminates your worries about the legal compliance of your change management processes and results.
  • Professional MoC can make your company come out of the corona crisis as a stronger organisation well prepared to stay ahead of the competition.

MoC Outputs

The MoC process provides you, among other things, with the following outputs:

  • Log of hazards deriving from planned changes
  • Log of assessed and categorised risks to deal with controlling the changes
  • Recommendations for actions to mitigate the risks
  • Qualification of personnel as masters of change
  • Compliance documentation for the Authorities


How to do it?

Introducing consistent MoC processes or revising existing processes is a demanding task which must include various key roles in the company. Experience shows that an “outside pair of eyes” is often the only way to objectively understand and effectively redesign existing company MoC processes.

GCS with its consultants’ extensive experience in the management of change and turnaround projects in aviation can help you address all your MoC challenges.

We can assist you with identifying strengths and deficiencies in your existing process framework and in building and documenting a reliable MoC process system. This will give you the confidence you need to concentrate on executing the necessary changes.

Log of hazards deriving from planned changes

GCS supports you in establishing a Hazard Log. The implementation of changes can let your operation face threats and hazards that you did not have to consider before the change. They need to be identified and systematically registered in the Hazard Log. 

Log of assessed and categorised risks to deal with controlling the changes

GCS supports you in assessing and recording the Risks. Threats and hazards need to be assessed with regard to risk. The log of Risks will provide you with a systematic compilation of the evaluated risks deriving from change and their categorisation.

Recommendations for actions to mitigate the risks

GCS supports you in defining risk mitigation actions. In all cases where the risk assessment revealed that the risk cannot be accepted without prior activities to mitigate it, the mitigating action has to be defined and implemented. The implementation has to be monitored. Recommendations for such action will be drafted and tools will be provided to effectively monitor it. 

Qualification of personnel as masters of change

GCS delivers training. Your staff responsible for the assessed processes and thus responsible for their safety will be trained to proficiency with regard to the MoC procedures. 

Compliance documentation for the Authorities

GCS establishes compliance documentation. An operator must ensure that the implementation of mitigating action and possibly changed processes or procedures remain to be compliant with applicable regulations. The compliance documentation will demonstrate that the changes will not affect regulatory compliance.


The results of the MoC process will guide you on your way out of the Covid 19 induced lockdown and will help you to balance commercial needs against safety requirements.


Safe communications

GCS uses contact-free communication channels to protect all persons involved in a team effort.

When the situation allows for travel again, face-to-face meetings may take place again.

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